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Solve parent/school communications and improve efficiency throughout the school

How to choose an MIS

There's a lot of responsibility resting on your shoulders when trying to choose the best independent school Management Information System; it has to add value to your staff and not be difficult to use, it needs to help communication to parents and not prove to be an obstacle and it has to be cost effective.

Use these tools to guide you through the minefield of school management systems and make the best choice for your school.

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Don't just take our word for it...

When you are searching for a new MIS, you need to make sure that it will work for your school. Is your present MIS cumbersome and clunky to operate?

Here's what staff and parents say about working with Plus4Schools.


We're definitely getting a lot more feedback from parents, so it's aided communication both ways… It's certainly saved a lot of time and postage expense, overall. More

Director of Studies Staffordshire School


Thanks so much - it’s great, works like a dream!
We all really appreciate the very prompt response More

Busy Parent Nottinghamshire

Plus4Schools has plenty of helpful ways to administer your school without the need for a network manager or specific computing skills. It's all outsourced to us. For example, with security in mind, Plus4Schools allows Administrators to grant specific access to different areas of the app, making it easy to comply with the GDPR.

Key features

Parent Portal
Effective communication with parents is vital and Plus4Schools helps you keep in touch with parents with the minimum of effort. The Parent Portal allows you to publish class letters, newsletters, school handbook and diary, tailored to the class or year group. A parent can view their own child's reports and grade cards, securely, via the Portal so that they will never have to hunt for a report again before Parents' Evening.
  • Benefits:
  • Personalised for every parent
  • Eliminate paper
  • Save time

Plus4Schools allows all the staff involved to create documents with a fast turn around, meaning that mid-term reporting or grade cards become a possibility rather than an onerous burden. Bespoke report and grade card layouts are available to reflect your current practice or you can take the opportunity to refresh their appearance.
  • Benefits:
  • Smart text tools
  • Effortless print or online delivery
  • Easy collation and proof reading

Input the student's latest scores and the Assessment module will give you, as a teacher, a graphical illustration of their progress. Vital for keeping track of their targets and with a single point of data collection, teachers gain valuable insights in to their wider progress in other subjects.
  • Benefits:
  • Easy teamwork and data sharing
  • Automatically include in reports
  • Predefined and build your own assessments

Pupil Records
Your parent and child information will always be up-to-date with parents taking an active part in checking and verifying the data. Changes to contact data can be made directly by parents, with alerts to school automatically meeting your GDPR obligations to keep up to date and accurate records.
  • Benefits:
  • Quick access to frequently used data
  • Easy photo integration
  • Single reference of key data available to all staff

Management Reports
Using our Management Reports, school leaders can step beyond the functional data captured in each module to see patterns and trends for individual pupils and across groups. Information is taken from different module sources to create statistical data, charts and management reports in seconds.
  • Benefits:
  • Analyse data across modules
  • Reports, charts & downloadable documents
  • Customisable reports