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Creators of secure online apps

What we do

At Plus4Group, we develop secure, online apps for business and education that are used around the world. We are proud that our apps are secure, easy to use, and built to help you make a difference in your business.

Field-proven applications
Built on our field proven Plus! Application Platform and accessed using standard web browsers, makes it easy for anyone to use them on almost any device. Fully featured software to run your business in event organisation, independent school education or website news management.
Business sectors
We currently have 3 apps; an event booking and management app, an independent school MIS and a news manager app for your website. We offer both of-the-shelf and white label (powered by) versions of our products.
Your Data - Our way
Our apps are built to make a difference and enable you to comply with the GDPR. Most importantly, unlike some other apps, you own your data and we never plunder your client/pupil data for marketing our business.

Take Your Event Bookings To The Next Level Find out more

Powerful online event management tools for event managers:

A proven and complete answer to event booking with easy online booking, feedback collection and metrics for in-person and online events. Available wherever you are in your day, with data collection you own.

Management Information System for Independent schools Find out more

The school MIS that links everyone together:

Organise your workload, share information with stakeholders

Give your website content the professional touch Find out more

Powerful publishing tools to bring your topical stories to your website:

With our easy to use Plus4Site tools, keep your website current and exciting with minimal time and effort.